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Furniture to put the ‘home’ back into home offices

Furniture to put the ‘home’ back into home offices

With more and more people working from home, it’s important that home offices are cosy, comfortable spaces which are conducive to a productive day’s work.  All too often, home offices can be cluttered, clinical rooms where the sole purpose is to work and work alone.  But with approximately seven or eight hours a day spent at work, it’s time to think about home offices in the same way as we would think about the rest of our homes: it’s time to put the ‘home’ back into home office.

Storage and display

Shabby box files and bits and pieces of paper strewn over your desk will do nothing to help your study feel more homely, nor aid your productivity.  To add that touch of home to your home office, think about stylish storage: how about a hand-finished filing cabinet in a reproduction vintage style?  Or a set of French-inspired drawers?  Just a few ways to keep mess at bay, but also add an individual touch to your home office.

Similarly, displaying a few well chosen items on a chic bookcase in a beautiful finish such as mahogany or yew is a great way of adding personal touches; Channel 4 presenter Sarah Beeny is a great advocate of making a house a home, and not being afraid of enjoying our homes, advising that we should take our favourite ornaments out of storage and display them[i].  So after buying a beautiful bookcase, don’t confine it to just displaying that proudly-won industry award; mix it up with holiday knick-knacks and framed family photographs, too.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors should not just be confined to the bedroom or bathroom; they can be used through your home to add extra light and interest to a space.  In fact, Elle Decor[ii] advises that they can illuminate dark corners and even serve as works of art in their own right. So consider an ornate gold or silver leaf mirror to create a sense of atmosphere within your home office, or perhaps an ultra modern diamond or spherical scalloped mirror to add sharp, contemporary lines to your working space.  Plus having a mirror in your home office is a great means of checking that your suit is sharp before that all-important business meeting.

Reproduction ornate desks and vintage chairs

The desk is often the most important piece of furniture within a home office, but this doesn’t mean that it has to be purely stark and functional.  Desks can still make beautiful pieces of furniture and offer you a practical space to work.  Maybe go for something contemporary and yet very different, such as a white zebra skin desk to inspire your working day, or perhaps a feminine bureau in a stunning yew finish for writing your business correspondence at.  Furthermore, nothing will make you feel more at home in your study than a comfy chair which displays a little bit of your personality.  Fancy a captain’s chair to show who’s the boss?  Or maybe a beautiful leather backed Gainsborough Chair?  Match your seating to how you want to feel when in your office: it is your office, after all.

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